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Tournament Rules

1. All OVSB competing members are expected to display a high standard of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation at all times.

2. Two (2) person team (except in case of shortage of non-boaters, where the Tournament Director will permit the boater to fish a tournament alone or in the case of an extra non-boater, a three person team will be allowed.)

3. Only one (1) team member may be under the age of eighteen (18).

4. No person fishing in a tournament may use or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs prior to or during Tournament fishing hours. The penalty assessed for this infraction is disqualification (of the offender) for that event.

5. For Bass Tournaments - Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass only, there is a five (5) fish limit and a twelve (12) inch minimum size limit, measurement is taken with the mouth and tail closed. Penalty for weighing in short fish includes loss of the short fish and a 1 pound penalty. The Weigh-master’s ruler will be the official measure.

6. For Bass tournaments - No boat may have more than their five (5) fish limit of bass in the live well when moving from one location to another either under power of the main engine power. The penalty assessed for this infraction is the removal of fish starting with the largest fish and continuing until legal limit is reached.

7. All provincial and federal boating regulations must be adhered to. The penalty assessed for this infraction is disqualification from that event.

8. Life jackets and kill switch cords must be worn when the boat is moving under main engine power. The penalty assessed for this infraction is disqualification for that event.

9. An FOUR (4) ounce, 0.25 lb, Resource Management penalty will be levied for each dead fish weighed in.

10. Dead fish do not qualify for the “Big Fish” pool award.

10.5. Only non-penetrating culling clips are allowed for use. Any clip or device that penetrates the skin or mouth of a fish is not allowed. Proper fizzing technique is suggested when needed.

11. Releasing your day's catch. OVSB anglers are responsible for the fish they've caught during tournament hours.

When releasing your fish after the weigh in, all anglers must abide by the following rules:

  •  Fish cannot be released at the weigh-in site, docks or shoreline.
  • Anglers must release their catch into deep water (7+feet of water), away from all shorelines and docks.
  • If deeper water is not accessible the Tournament director will determine where you can release your day's catch.

Anglers caught releasing their fish at the dock will be disqualified and the team/individual loses their day’s weight for that tournament.

12. No Dead fish will be culled. Each team is allowed to keep one dead or distressed fish above the tournament limit (not in live-well and not weighed-in), The Weigh-master will be informed of this before your teams’ weigh-in takes place.

13. Tournament Director will designate the launch and weigh-in locations.

14. The start time for the tournaments will be 7:00 AM and the completion will be at 4:00 PM unless otherwise stated by the Tournament Official(s). Teams arriving late to the weigh-in will be assessed a one pound penalty for each minute late up to a max of 15 minutes. Teams arriving after the 15 minutes are disqualified for this event. The Tournament Directors announced time prior to blast-off will be used as the official time.

15. In the event of mechanical problems which prevent a team from getting to the weigh-in location on time, under their own power, the following is the procedure to be utilized. 

The distressed boat:

• should continue toward the weigh-in location by whatever means available or anchor if necessary;
• attempt to wave down the first OVSB competitor boat that they see, utilizing their life jacket waved above their head;
• after ensuring the distressed OVSB boat is secured, the boater of the distressed boat must contact the Tournament director and advise him of the situation;
• fish from the distressed boat and one member of the team will transfer into the rescue boat. (fish must be placed in a separate live-well or if not available, identified by different culling system then those of the rescue boat); 
• Once the transfer is completed, the rescue boat and the member from the distressed boat will then proceed to the weigh-in location.
• The remaining member of the distressed boat will then continue to make their way towards the weigh-in location if capable or remain anchored until a rescue boat arrives to tow them back to the launch location.
Note: If the distressed boat is in danger it must be secured to the closest dock or suitable shoreline.

16. Tackle and equipment: Only artificial lures may be used. No “live bait” or “prepared bait” will be permitted, with the exception of pork strips, rinds, etc. The penalty assessed for this infraction is disqualification from that event.

17. Contestants may not use mobile communication devices, including but not limited to, cell phones, tablets, marine radios, walkie-talkies, CB's, etc., to communicate with anyone about locating or catching fish on tournament waters during tournament hours. Mobile communication devices may be used during tournament hours to communicate with lockmasters about locking, to communicate with the tournament directors or to communicate with any executives on the water in the case of a rule infraction or emergency. Mobile communication devices may be used for emergency / Work emergency only and the phone must be put on speaker for the co-angler to hear. Boaters may use smart phones and/or tablets during tournament hours for GPS navigation, weather, power generation, barge traffic updates and tidal charts. Co-Anglers / Non- Boaters are not allowed to record GPS Waypoints or use any type of handheld GPS during competition hours.

18. No locking allowed

19. A boat that is to be used for an OVSB Tournament or function must:

a) Be equipped with all required safety equipment.
b) Be equipped with an aerated live well system to adequately sustain the teams catch for the duration of the tournament fishing hours.
c) May not be equipped with an outboard engine exceeding the Coast Guard rating specified on the rating plate supplied by the boat manufacturer; and.
d) All boaters must show proof of liability Insurance for $1,000,000.00 and their Pleasure Craft Operator Card when they submit their Chapter membership application.

20. In case of a tie weight for first place, the following tie-breakers will be used in order to determine the winner:

a) The team with the heaviest fish weighed in during the competition.
b) The team with the highest number of legal fish weighed in during the competition.
c) In the event that teams remain tied a flip of a coin will be used to determine the winner.
d) Cash prizes for all tied positions will be pooled and divided equally.

22. In case of a tie weight for Big Fish, monies will be divided equally.

23. All Tournament Officials decisions are final.


Notes: Disqualification means the team/individual loses their day’s weight for that tournament.
If you or your boat is in distress please signal by waving your life jacket.



Last amended and approved by the membership April 2021.